Comparison of non-woven shopping bags and paper bags

2019-10-26  116

First, the reusability of non-woven shopping bags.

Non-woven shopping bags have more advantages than paper bags, which can be used repeatedly. One paper bag can only be used once, and the ex-factory price is higher than that of non-woven shopping bags, which can not fully reflect the advertising value, while non-woven shopping bags Can be used repeatedly, after the mission of making product packaging bags, there is a mission to take up the advertising bag. And the price is low.

Second, the gradual maturity of non-woven shopping bags

Non-woven shopping bags have been introduced to China through foreign countries, and have gradually matured through continuous improvement. From the single color of the past, to the current color diversity. It has met the requirements of the packaging industry. The non-woven shopping bags are now colorful and realistic. From simple screen printing to peritoneal color printing, it is easy to show the distinct themes of various products.

Third, the social requirements for environmental protection

The non-woven shopping bag is an environmentally friendly bag. The plastic living bag reflects the specific living space of the non-woven shopping bag, and its easy decomposition can reduce environmental pollution and reduce the use of plastic bags. The raw material of the paper bag is wood, and a large number of paper bags are bound to waste a lot of forest resources in the country. The national policy of afforestation is contrary. Due to the gradual reduction of the earth's forest resources, the price of paper bags will become higher and higher.

Fourth, the price is affordable

With the improvement of the industrial chain of non-woven shopping bags in recent years, the production cost and material loss of various processes have been significantly reduced, and the cheap price has greatly enhanced the competitiveness of the products.